Innovating libraries in a digital world

In this breakout session we will think about physical library buildings in the context of an increasingly virtual world. The following are suggestions for areas of thought and discussion:

  • How do physical library buildings fit with the idea of remote 24 online access and digital collections?
  • What can we do to make libraries even more attractive as venues?
  • What is the future for a physical library at a time of budget cuts? How can they weather the storm?
  • What ideas do people have for innovative uses for library buildings?
  • Designing for the future – sustainable library buildings for the green economy.
  • Does the publishing world have anything to learn from the music industry with regard to the effects of the digital world ?

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How far must the individual adapt to the concept of library - should library design mirror that of ideal consumer products (i.e. easy to use, beautiful to behold)?

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